The Evolution of Software Interoperability in Construction

|| This article was published in Constructech Magazine on June 18, 2013. || The talk of software interoperability continues to pick up in the construction industry. From agcXML to COSA (Construction Open Software Alliance), the industry continues to rally around the idea of sharing information between the various technology systems available for the construction market. […]

Interoperability Intrigue: COSA & agcXML

|| Mike Carrozzo published this article in the May/June 2013¬†Constructech Magazine¬†Issue || Although you’ll never him to admit as much, James Benham stirred the pot in construction. When the founder and president of JB Knowledge,, Bryan, Texas took the stage at the AGC IT Conference last fall, his announcement to the construction industry was […]

COSA Featured in Constructech Magazine

|| The article was published in Constructech Magazine on February 19, 2013. || Many construction companies use disparate technology for different pieces of the business. Flowing data from one system to the next can improve processes significantly, reducing the amount of manual input required in the office. As such, more technology providers are coming together […]