Interoperability Intrigue: COSA & agcXML

|| Mike Carrozzo published this article in the May/June 2013 Constructech Magazine Issue || Although you’ll never him to admit as much, James Benham stirred the pot in construction. When the founder and president of JB Knowledge,, Bryan, Texas took the stage at the AGC IT Conference last fall, his announcement to the construction industry was […]

Constructech 2013 Tech Preview: The Future Is Now

|| This article was published in Constructech Magazine on February 22, 2013 || Throughout the past decade and more, an approach to making IT investments a little less expensive and a little more connected has been the open-systems movement. One of the more recent movements in constructech is the COSA (Construction Open Software Alliance). James […]

COSA Featured in Daily Commercial News

|| This article “Construction Slow to Adopt Cloud Computing” was written by Peter Kenter and published in Daily Commercial News  on January 3, 2013. || Cloud computing is an esoteric name for a simple concept. Instead of relying on one’s own hardware and software for a suite of services, users rely on software, information storage and computing resources accessed […]

James Benham Introduces COSA & Shares Results of the 2012 Construction Technology Integration Report in Keynote Address at AGC IT Forum in Chicago