Asta joins the Construction Open Software Alliance

|| Construction Open Software Alliance welcomes Asta Development. || Asta Development is pleased to announce that it has been accepted as a member of the Construction Open Software Alliance (COSA), an organization dedicated to empowering better sharing of information between all project participants in the construction industry regardless of the systems they use. As technology plays […]

Integration: The Future of Construction Technology

|| This article was written by James Benham published “In Construction Executive Tech Trends” on July 31, 2013. || Tech providers are in the midst of a shift toward a demand for more open, user-friendly construction technology solutions due to a progressively more informed user base and forward-thinking providers that understand the benefits of integration. […]

Integration Updates across Construction Technology

|| This article was published on June 27, 2013 in Constructech Magazine. || A year from now could the term ‘interoperability’ will be more than just a hearsay for construction technology? Of course, such a notion is hard to predict, but new efforts from a few leading groups associated with the topic are giving hope for the […]

Interoperability Intrigue: COSA & agcXML

|| Mike Carrozzo published this article in the May/June 2013 Constructech Magazine Issue || Although you’ll never him to admit as much, James Benham stirred the pot in construction. When the founder and president of JB Knowledge,, Bryan, Texas took the stage at the AGC IT Conference last fall, his announcement to the construction industry was […]