StatusVue Now a Member of COSA


The inability of different software solutions to operate and interact with one another has long been a source of frustration for the construction industry.  With the increasing adoption of mobile jobsite and BIM technologies, it is becoming even more important for data to flow between applications in order for users to capture value from them.

That’s why StratusVue has joined two separate initiatives, the agcXML and Construction Open Software Alliance (COSA), both of which are actively working to create and open standards for the benefit of the entire industry.

“We understand the importance of this issue for the industry as a whole, which is why we’re putting our full support behind both of these efforts,” said John Goecke, President and COO of StratusVue.  “We believe in the mission of the agcXML and its efforts to develop standards for vendors to follow, as well as the COSA community’s belief that open standards will lead to improved application integration for users.  In our minds…click here to continue reading.