AGC IT Forum COSA Recap From ConAppGuru


By Rob McKinney

This is Part Four of my coverage from the 2015 AGC IT Conference Recap from Chicago. The conference showcased several amazing presentations and demonstrations of new and cutting edge technology for the construction industry. A few of the highlights from the second day for me were:

COSA Update

One of the more interesting sessions I attended was the update on COSA (Construction Open Standards Alliance) organization. The panel consisted of Dennis Stejskal (SAGE), John Goecke (Stratusvue), Benny Baltrosky (eSUB), and James Benham (JBKnowledge).

Mr. Stejskal started off the panel discussion by reminding the audience about a stat from the 2014 Construction Technology Report, the number of Applications used by a construction company. According to the survey 24.4 % of respondents use 3 or more apps and 40% use 4 or more. One reason he believes that contractors do not use more apps is due to lack of interoperability.

Interoperability is the ability of a system or a product to work with other systems or products without special effort on the part of the customer. One example that Mr. Stejskal gave was the aging fleet of 747 airplane’s offering the cigaret lighter adapter as the only available power source at the passenger seat. There are two opportunities for companies to improve interoperability, internal and external. Internal allows a company’s own systems speak to one another. External gives a company’s the opportunity for their partner’s systems speak to theirs. For example, submittals (huge amount of data) between a subcontractor, general contractor and architect.

Mr. Goecke was up next and asked the audience if they knew “What is Interoperability costing you?” The point he was trying to make was “How many times is your project data entered…click here to continue reading.