SmartBidNet Named to Constructech 50

|| This article is written for the “2014 Constructech 50: The Next Wave of Tech Is Here” ||

“Cloud, mobile, Big Data, and more are transforming technology in the construction industry.

When was the last time you downloaded software to your computer using a CD—or worse a floppy disc? Hopefully for the latter the answer is years, as the “cloud” is now hovering over many IT departments, providing a way to easily access data.

In fact, IDC Corp.,, Framingham, Mass., proclaims the cloud movement is about much more than the cloud. Rather, the cloud cannot be sufficiently understood as a standalone phenomenon in the IT market, but rather as a core ingredient of a larger transformation of the IT industry. This movement includes things such as mobile, Big Data, analytics, and social, which are redefining how technology is used in construction.

This evolution of technology can be challenging for many construction organizations that undergo a significant IT overhaul, just to find out months later that the system isn’t compatible with a brand-new method for gathering and accessing data.”

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